About Us

Who are we and how did we get to to this point of joining forces and opening a bakery?

Well it's quiet an interesting story, but to keep it short and sweet, the three of us all met in London. We all work in the hospitality industry of course :) 

Fede specializing in French breads, sourdoughs and all types of tarts and pastries. Fede is from Italy and his family have owned a bakery there for many years, so it truly runs in his blood. We then have Gui who has a true gift for flavors and cooking. Gui is Brazillian and studied culinary arts in Peru, so be sure to expect some wonderful flavors from South America. Last but not least we have Sus, from South Africa, working front of house and all BOH procedures (doing the things no-one else enjoys to do :))

"At the bakery the environment will always be welcoming and friendly and have a feel of home." Says, Saskia. 


When COVID-19 hit and affected all of us, this is when the three of us put our minds together, discussed our goals and decided to come together and make our dreams come true. Fede was still living in London at this point and after a few Zoom meetings we agreed to give it ago. A huge risk, we know, but if not now, when? 

Gui & Sus went on a hunt for the perfect location, Fede arrived in Amsterdam and we all gave it the thumbs up, and the process went forward from there and here we are today. 


It really is a beautiful story, as the amount of trust we have amongst the three of us and the passion and ambition to make our dreams a reality.

Couldn't have better partners. <3 

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