About Us

Rise bakery was founded in 2020 by three friends and taken over in mid 2022 by us Marta and Alessandro. A couple that met and lived in London for almost ten years but are originally from Spain and Sicily.


The concept of the bakery is about quality artisanal and affordable freshly baked pastries and breads. The style of those is mostly French but with strong Italian and Spanish influences and flavours due to our origins.


Taking over Rise bakery was a personal challenge. We do not have any qualifications or studies in pastry and bread making, however, we both have a very strong hospitality background in our fields. Alessandro in kitchen and Marta as a front of house and barista. This, and a lot of passion allowed us to succeed in taking over a Rise bakery and continue growing to establish it as one of the best artisanal bakeries in Amsterdam. Because, believe us, the learning process in such short time was crazy! Most of what we know, we learned by experience, fail and success and always working hard and pushing ourselves to become better and better setting our standards high to deliver a product that focuses on the flavour rather than the looks, we do not make fine patisserie , we go more for a traditional look.


We try to keep our display alive by continually introducing and changing items but keeping our classics. What we offer is a wide selection of sweet and savoury items that are freshly baked every day! Butter croissants, pain au chocolat, ham and cheese croissants, cheese and jalapeño twists, cinnamon rolls, cruffins, savoury brioches, freshly baked focaccia sandwiches, tarts, large cakes, mini cakes, brownies, cookies, sourdough breadcrumbs, etc. and the best granola you will ever try! We have something for each one of you.


Where we come from bakeries open early and close in the early afternoon. We believe in the healthy habit of waking up early and get things done with your day. Going to buy bread and pastries for breakfast is the first one :)

This is something that perhaps collides a bit with the nowadays lifestyle but we appreciate those that make the effort to ensure having their favourite bread and pastries by embracing this habit. Everybody is used to the any time availability of bread and pastries from the supermarkets and larger, more industrialised bakeries. But what we do is small scale, old school, and we want to keep it this way. Everything is baked in the morning and only a certain number of items will be prepared for each day. This is based on our knowledge of how busy we think we will be. Sometimes we get it right and sometimes not so much. It is not unusual that some of the items will be sold out towards the end of the day. Food waste is something we are very conscious of and we try not to overproduce, this would lead to unnecessary waste, in our opinion.


In our shop we also offer a small space with seats available for those that decide to join us in their morning routine, to catch a break from the market or simply meet with friends.

The coffee we work with is the Bourbon blend from Lazy Roast , is 100% arabica beans from Kenya with the most incredible flavour. Have a look at their website to know more about them. They are as great as their coffee.

You can find small coffee bean bags for sale at our bakery

Our main tea selection is from By Trinitea . After spending some time in the UK we really appreciate a good cuppa. At by Trinitea are very passionate and knowledgable about teas and all its possibilities. They work with a small and carefully selected assortment where they put all their love into their products. Their teas are an excellent pairing for our sweet pastries and cakes. Our favourite so far, the milky Oolong. You must try it to understand!

Last but not least, one of my favourites! I had a personal struggle with matcha tea since I first tried it years ago on a trip to Thailand. For about two years I could not wrap my mind around wether if I liked it or not but continued drinking it anyways to the point where I could just have it everywhere. I came across Tea The Moment  browsing online for a new matcha whilst to try. I could feel straight away after reading about Akira's (founder) his passion for the green tea. The surprise came with the package received. So carefully packed with a beautiful introduction about them (including picture), instructions of how to prepare the perfect matcha and the cutest origami crane made with a beautiful cherry blossom tree paper pattern.

Their matcha is equally beautiful in taste. Mellow grassy notes, a touch of bitterness and a pleasant umami taste with a beautiful bright green colour typical from good quality matcha. We have made some weekend special sourdough breads with it and also added it to our energy balls and we can't wait to experiment more with it.


Very well, it took us a year to finally write a bit about ourselves and now we don't seem to be able to stop. We are so excited for people to know more about us and about our bakery.

We are incredibly grateful to all our beautiful customers that have been there supporting us since the beginning and to all of those that discovered us not so long ago but showed us so much love by making us your favourite bakery immediately.


Spread the love!


Fins aviat. Arrivederci. See you soon. Au revoir. Hasta pronto. Bye. Bye!!


Marta and Alessandro